3 Reel Slots

It provides more advantage than the 5 reels because it needs 3 symbols combination where 5 reels needs 5 symbols combination.

5 Reel Slots

It has lower advantage that the 3 reels and it will be better for the players to play 3 reels instead of 5 reels slots.

Bank Roll

In slots bank roll means your budget what you want spend to gamble on slots.

Bet Amount

This is an amount that you want to bet on every coin you play in the slots. It can be 1 to 10 but there are some machines that allow around 200 credits.

Max Bet

What you bet maximum for a certain spin.

Limits of Betting

Every slots machine has its own higher and lower limits to bet at a time.

Bonus Feature

Most of slots games have its own bonus features and if certain combination appears then you will get bonus on the game.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

If you play with the maximum in this slots machine then you will get bonus for that.


This machine will allow more than usual pay lines if you play the maximum coins.

Cash Out Button

This button will allow the player to get his or her cash from the machine for playing certain time.

Coin Size

This is the size of your bet per spin.

Coins per Spin

This is the coin numbers that you can play per spin for the reels of the slots machine.


EGM means the Electronic Gaming Machine, it is also known as the video slots.

Free Spins

These spins can be awarded as the bonus of the slots machines if the player fulfills certain conditions.

Fruit Machine

This is the slang meaning of slots in English and in this slots fruits symbols are used in the reels.


This means the house edge for the casino and it can be around 3% to highest 15%.

Hot Slots

This is also known as loose slots and this means that slots machine what produces more winning combinations than other machines.

Liberty Bell

This was the name of the 1st slots machine of the world.

Linked Machines

This happens to provide large jackpot to the players and by this some slots machines are linked with each other.

Loose or Tight Slots

Loose slots machines have higher payout chances and tight slots machines have lower chances to win.

Maximum Bet

This is the higher limit of coins to play on a single spin.


This refers the chances to win or loose.