The New Nickel Machines

Prototypes of Slots Machines

Prototypes of slots machine had been made in the 1871's, but it was Charles August Fey and Settler Vohringen who first invented the first true slots machine that satisfied all the minimum requirements for slots.

Charles Few was born in the year 1862, and he was the youngest children of his father. He had a large attraction for the machines and since he was a teenager he tried to make a machine to play game. in the 1895 he first invented the first slots machine and he named the machine the Liberty Bell.

The first machine had some problems but within a few months he was able to reduce the problems and made the machine easier to operate and that worked. The game became popular among the people within the shortest period of time and Fey started to build many more machines to minimize the demand of the machines. In 1920s and 1930s slots faced the problem gambling banning but those restrictions over this game earn the great popularity among other casino games.

Fey was the inventor of first true slots machine and there is no doubt about that. He spent all his life to invent the machine and do all the changes that machine would need to become perfect. Liberty Bell was the first slots machine what was used to play the game for normal people. This game has changed the history of casino games because in that time card games and other table base games were the only games but when the machine first introduced to the public the thinking of machine base casino games became true.

Types of Slots Machines

Slots are the only machine base casino games what has over 100 different versions. This variation of the game depends on the number of reels, number of pay lines, number of machines connected simultaneously, and the different type payout systems. The most played sot's variations are the 3 reels slots machines and 5 reels slots machines but you can even find over 10 reels slots machines.

The payouts of a slots version depend on the number of reels and pay lines. Usually a 3 reels or 5 reels slots machine has 1-3 pay lines but over 10 pay lines slots machines can also be found. It will be better to play smaller reels slots machines with higher number of pay lines because it has the highest odd to win the game.