Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell and Charles Fey

Liberty bell was the first slots machine an it has a memorable history. This machine was built by Charles Fey who was influenced by a game where no strategy would work. He wanted to invent a machine where people could use a coin to play the game and they would need not to be skilled to play the game. By this thinking he made the 1st slots machine in his garage in late 19th century but that machine was not the same as our modern slots machines.

Then he invented an upgrade of the first machine which was the 1st true slots machine in the starting of the 20th century and that machine named by the Liberty Bell. Though that machine had many similarities with the modern slots machines we can say Liberty Bell is the father of all slots machines. In Liberty Bell Charles Fey used fruit symbols and different card symbols to make the combination and coins were used to play the game.

It had a handle what you must turn to spin the reels. The machine had 3 simple reels and the combination must be satisfied to get the winnings. Later Fey invented many other slots machines with different number of reels and also with different types of symbols and combinations. Since then slots became the most played game in the United States and also in the whole world.

Growing Demand for Slots Machines

Now slots are the most common games in every traditional and online casino. Online casinos have large number of versions of slots games where traditional casinos have only a few versions of the game. Though, the players do not need to learn any specific rules and strategies to play the game, every type of player can play the game.

You have to put the coin and then turn the handle or push the button for some machines to start the spinning of the reels. If the winning combinations occur when the reels stop you will win the game but if not then you will lose but it is sure you will have fun. For the extending popularity of the game, the demand for new slots machines is growing everyday and now the demand is higher than ever. A research shows that everyday around 500 slots machines are produced in the world and the number is increasing.