Appearing Of The Most Played Game

Slot Machines take the first place in popularity in casinos throughout the world. These machines attract people by their brightness and rich special effects: many people choose online slots or free slots today. So how did they appear?

The forefathers of modern slot machines

The forefathers of modern slot machines were five reeled machines with ten cards. The symbols were represented by card numbers, not fruits like today. It's interesting that the winners received cigars or free drinks as a prize instead of money.

Charles Fey

Then car mechanic Charles Fey produced the first slot machine in San Francisco in 1895. There were three reels and four symbols: cracked liberty bell, diamonds, heart and spades and it had a handle, a payout table and coin acceptor. The success was so tremendous that Charles Fey dedicated himself to his invention. Now this slot machine is situated in one of Reno's restaurants in Nevada called the Liberty Belle Saloon.

Stephen Mill

The modification brought Stephen Mill in 1909. He added to each reel ten symbols and reduced the size of machines.

Slot Machines spread quickly and became very popular. The disadvantages of slot machines in the past were their huge size, loudness and heavy handle. Into the bargain to this the players could easily cheat. For determination of the outcome electronic micro-processors have been used since 1964. This innovation also increased jackpots and prizes.

Walt Freely

Video-based machine was created by Walt Freely in 1974 and gave a name to his slot machine "Fortune Coin". The gamblers could hardly trust these machines. This changed only when people saw video poker games and found them fair. From that time slot machines became widespread and extremely popular. There appeared 3, 5, 7, and even 9 reeled slots, a large variation of jackpots, symbols, bet size, pay lines. With the entering of slot machines into online casino they started to be considered the most played game around the world.